Work days: are key to getting much of the seasonal and maintenance work done that is needed to run our community.  We usually have one on the spring and one in the fall (or ad hoc). Members of the cohousing are expected to contribute to it.

Cars: each unit has 2 spots allocated in the vicinity of their homes. Visitors should park in the visitor parking area

Snow: ​​We usually hire a snow-plowing contractor to plow our road, but the rest is up to us. We are all responsible for shoveling our walkways.

Gardens: We have a community vegetable garden area where members can claim a stake and  are invited to plant.  We also have apple and pear trees, blackberries and some raspberries.  

Recycling:  We have a trash and recycling shed area where each house needs to bring their items.

Compost: We have a community compost bin, located near the veggie garden that is maintained by dedicated volunteers (we need more).  We ask that only vegetable matter be put in the compost, and no plastic (even if it is supposed to be biodegradable), or fish, dairy or meat products.